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ADMOR Technical Sales, Inc. is a Manufacturers Representative
servicing the Southern California and Northern Baja CA. Mexico regions.

 Connor Manufacturing

Formed Metal Products, Board Shields, Metal Antenna, Contacts, Wire-Forms, Asia production

 DDH Enterprise

Turnkey contract manufacturer of Wire Harnesses, Custom Cables, Power Distribution Units and Box Build Electro-Mechanical Assemblies


Electronic contract manufacturing, specializing in high-mix/low-volume production of turnkey and consigned, surface mount and through-hole, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies

 FASPRO Technologies 
Quick-turn Prototype and Short-Run Sheet Metal parts. Board Shields, Metal Antennas, Ground contacts, Enclosures, Brackets, Frames, Chassis, Cabinet Weldments, Assemblies, Photo-Etching, Laser cutting, Heat treat, Paint, Powder Coat, Printing, Chem Film and other Coatings

MAST Technologies
RF & Microwave Absorbing Materials.

Tuned Frequency Absorbers, Cavity Resonance Absorbers, Surface Wave Absorbers,

Low Frequency Absorbers, Reticulated Foam, Lossy Foam and Convoluted Foam Absorbers

 Schaffner EMC 
EMC Filters, IEC Inlet Filters, Single & Three-Phase Filters, Suppression Chokes, Feedthrough Capacitors & PCB Filters

Shielding Source 

EMI/RFI Shielding, Gasketing & Suppression.

BeCu Fingerstock, Fabric-Over-Foam, Conductive Foams, Conductive Elastomers,

RF/Microwave Absorbers, Wire Mesh, Vent Panels and Ferrite Cable Cores.

Precision PCB

A PCB manufacturer and supplier from California with facilities in China. We offer low cost manufacturing and local support.

 The GUND Company 

Electronic Insulation Material. We deal with over 200 different materials for electronic applications - PolyPro FR, Nomex, Mylar, Polycarbonate, FR4 Glass Epoxy, and Glass Polyester(GPO), Thermoset and Thermoplastic composite materials are the most commonly used.










ADMOR Technical Sales,  760-522-4140,